Sour Cookies Reviews

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  • “This review is on Sour Cookies by Elevate. (WA) This is by far my favorite GSC cross. Very dense and slow burning, triangular heavily trichomed nugs. The taste of this strain is perfect, just the right amount of sour, sweet, chocolate, diesel. The effects are extremely balanced. Leafly's description is fairly accurate. I'm very relaxed , yet very alert. I would recommend this strain to anyone who likes weed. L...”

  • “Just faced a nice king sized j of sour cookies and let me tell ya... I've been to a lot of places but I've never been this high 😋😋😋😋 burns slow. Makes you sing wiz song burrrrrrrrrn slow , cuz that shit is actually burning slow ya bishhh!!”

  • “Dominant diesel on the nose. Nice, light, piney taste. Light green buds dense with orange hairs, with a light powdery coating. Crystals are very noticeable in the underbelly. Great on physical aches while truly giving a cerebral massage. Mild intake for good gardening. Heavy intake for staying put.”

  • “Very relaxing, top notch!”

  • “Great cerebral high ..with a fuel-like..sweet piney,pungent aroma..has like taste. Great for midday relaxation. Highly recommended!”

  • “sour cookies has made my list. a powerful sativa dominant strain, and a mix of 2 amazing stains. great for a "just got done at work" high.”

  • “Great strain if you can find it made well. I seem to only find really good or really crappy versions of it.”

  • “This morning was my first time actually enjoying and taking in this amazing strain. This morning I woke up with my body aching, and me feeling the need to vomit, and my stomach killing me. My first hit I felt it immediately! It did feel a bit harsh at first, but when exhaled, it feels so smooth, you'll feel so great you won't even notice it! It's great for the perfect duo. By far my favorite GSC hybrid I've had, besi...”