Space Cream Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “🍰🍭 Space Cream is even tastier than both of it's fantastic parents, Space Queen and Trainwreck. I'm such a fan of both of these strains and I have to say that Space Cream takes the cake. The taste of this hybrid is unbelievable. So smooth, creamy, sweet and earthy. Great for depression or stress, it gives you a peace of mind while allowing you to still function. It put a smile on my face and put me in a very tranqu...”

  • “My overall favorite. To me this is the best of both worlds. I would say it is both indica and sativa dominate as it tends to energize the mind while relaxing the body. No couch lock unless already tired. Perfect strain for anxiety as it relaxes without couch lock without any paranoia. Vaping seems to produce a clearer headed more sativa dominant experience while smoking brings more of an indica experience with g...”

  • “Very tasty. Got a little tang to it. Pretty light on the throat. Gives a good numbness to the right side of the brain. Pretty uplifting but kinda heavy. I can tell it's an indica dominate strain but it doesn't completely couch me either. Leaves a light euphoric feeling”

  • “guys let me tell ya this thing is one of the newest and its AMAZING one bowl on my piece and it lasted me the whole day and felt great with no pain or exhaustion but still some feeling of wanting the couch tho and some munchies 😂😂😂”

  • “Had this in distillate form from o.pen's bakked line. This was in their Pure version and clocked in at 85.69%. Brings a nice light head buzz and body calm. I didn't feel any hazy mental effects, but did feel some uplifting and happy mood boost. Definite creamy and slight citrus taste/odor. Smooth hits.”

  • “Space Cream is one of my go-to standard strains for dealing with pain from hydrocephalus. There are many strains that don't affect me at all, and others that I enjoy but develop a tolerance to way too quickly. Space Cream *isn't* one of those. I usually get huge, tight buds but the small ones (and the shake) do the job just as well. I often mix Space Cream with Bordello for serious pain relief that leaves me feeling ...”

  • “Lovely smell, lovely feeling - we played monopoly with vigor! Happy, uplifting feels and full creativity”

  • “I Love This Strain. It Is Uplifting.”