Space Queen Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “This is my total fave strain ever. I have really bad anxiety and trouble concentrating on a good day and not all buds are good for that. I'm very hesitant with new strains and after trying Space queen I fell in love. Literally. I like to do things while I smoke. Be productive.. And enjoy it. I don't like the super strong couch coma buds. This one was clean and amazing and just great. Absolutely no paranoia or frantic...”

  • “Until today, I had never had a strain that I considered my favorite, nothing special enough.. and I've tried dozens. But today I picked this up. This stuff is good, I feel perfect right now, hard to explain. Put me in a good mood and just plain happy, and my body is tingly, nothing overpowering though, which I like. If I smoked more, though, I'd probably get sleepy, but it would feel damn good. Would be pleasant day...”

  • “Love the energy this strain puts out. A solid stone and you are still part of any conversation. I might have found a new favorite here.”

  • “One of the most perfect and even head/body highs I've ever experienced with a strain.”

  • “🌸🌠 Space Queen. Her flavor is intriguing. Quite a nice mixture of, "Wtf...Hmm...", a new book, spicy potpourri, faceplanting into a floral arrangement, and a delicious sweetness from unknown fruit(s). I have never come across anything that has smelled like this. This is one of a kind. A lovely sativa-dominant hybrid with a high that is uppity and uplifting. This is a perfect strain simply for existing as a human be...”

  • “space queen had a very distinct, strong and delicious smell to it. in the comfort of my home I loaded a bowl out of my waterpipe and found myself taking photographs of space queen. This is a very good med to take in the morning. The photo attached was taken by me of space queen.”

  • “I vaporize all my flower and this one is one of the best tasting. Can't really over sell the taste here it's really distinctive -- at least when vaporized. Great head feels as well.”

  • hi2

    “The only thing I regret after acquiring space queen, is that I didn't buy more. She is perfectly balanced..just the right amount of head paired with the right amount of relaxing body. Erases anxiety... Perfect for any fun activity or even a day at work, if you want to feel positive and smile a lot... Gives you just the right amount of energy paired with calm..She's in my top ten.”