Supermax OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is the first stain that I tried about six months after the retail stores opened. Last time I really smoked was about 20 years ago. Let's just say after a smallish bowl , it was like floating in front of a freight train then getting your body completely pulverized into a pink mist. I chuckled as I found myself walking in circles a few times. Yes it is that good. I have tried about 30 strains since then and o...”

  • “I wouldn't recommend this for new smokers or occasional smokers. SMOG will get you about as high as you can get. So, just be prepared for that. Also wouldn't recommend smoking before doing anything important, because SMOG WILL make you sleepy and hungry, which leads to grumpy. It's great stuff though.”

  • “Purchased from World of Weed Tacoma Flower: beautiful smaller sized nuggets. Nothing extraordinary in color or frost. Smell: piney kush earthiness. What I would expect from the parent strains. Crumble: good and fluffy. Burn: even and clean. Taste: on exhale you get the OG Kush dominance. Piney and fresh. High: all other things about this strain are average but the high is not. It is superb. This knocks you on y...”

  • “supermax og from Trumed is straight fire. Everything you want with an Og. Deep og flavor is over the top good.”

  • “Dopest dope I've ever smoked hands down the king of strains”

  • “Love this strain! I'm usually a indica girl but the smooth hitsailing from this is just the right mix of mellow and creative! I love it any smoker should at least try Supermax once!”

  • “love it so much”

  • “5/5 If I was stranded on a desert island with an unlimited supply of one strain this would be it. This was by blue roots. #1 grower imo. This flower is what you see on the front page of high times for the month of April. Perfect strain for me. Not a good strain for the light smokers. Frosty wet lime green crystals with minimal dark to pine green long narrow leaves with long thin orange hairs. Very stinky like a tox...”