Sweet Kush Reviews

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  • “Strain: Sweet Kush (Sweet Tooth / OG Kush cross -- this one was a Sativa leaning Hybrid) THC: 21.67% CBD: 0.23 Grower: LTRMN Location found: KaLeafa Date purchased: 3.29.16 Price: $8.00/g Weight: 1.1g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: When the scissors cut through the bud I smelled a sweet, damp earthy, lemony zest. It reminds me of the hard to place tastes and smells of the Afghani and Nepales...”

  • “Sweet Kush = [Sweet Tooth x OG Kush] ..'excellent' is the only way to describe it...from culture magazine: Far from the Hindu Kush Mountains, this Sweet Tooth and OG Kush cross smokes like a million-dollar cut. Intense citrus notes like a smashed-up Lemonhead waft up strongly; your nose will want to pucker instead of your mouth. After testing out the sample from Denver’s Patients Plus, we noticed that the bowl burn...”

  • “Wonderful flavor and very smooth. The high comes quickly and lets you know that its there. I really enjoyed the ride. Take it easy when smoking large amounts. This is an experienced smoker's strain.”

  • “Wow! One of my top 5 right now. Sweet Kush is a great euphoric, relaxing high. How can you not feel happy and uplifted? Giant nugs, great taste, great relaxing and euphoric feeling.... what's not to love?”

  • “Starts off all talkative and giggly then melts into a contemplative spacey high. Then you melt into the couch and become a star in the night sky.”

  • “Absolutely great cross breed. Fractured my shoulder and this weed does so much more for me than Advil or Tylenol. Makes the pain go away, while allowing your mind to drift free and become extremely creative. Looked at the stars after smoking a few dubs and life was absolutely amazing.”

  • “Lucky enough to get some of this from Reliable Medical Services #2. Just 2 hits on the mini-bubbler and I was able to sit at my system for 2 hours straight getting work done. Usually I can do 30 minutes at a time, I blew out both knee's and my back. I hope the keep this in stock”

  • “Wow. Smoked this and had sex for three hours. The body high is so nice.”