Tesla Reviews

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  • “Great for overly nervous patients, found it helps some with seizures/fits caused by stress. Very good medicine.”

  • “This is by far my favorite. I'm usually really sensitive to thc so I would keep it normally under 14%. But after trying Tesla my pain and tension was immediately gone. No high is needed because this is pure relief of anxiety. It makes me so normal and if you know anything about anxiety feeling normal is amazing.”

  • “It's sativa effect is impressive. Electric energy enabling you to improvise on a presentation and pass it! You feel a little limitless. By far my favourite although hard to find.”

  • “MOOD CHANGER!!!!. really smooth had stress all over and it just blew it away without the high love it”

  • “Definitely my favorite strain for dealing with my anxiety, depression, and irritability. I can still be very functional yet much more positive :)”

  • “I was lucky enough to get my hands on a batch that was 10% THC and a whopping 19% CBD. All I can say is that it's the most functional, daytime, get stuff done strain I've ever smoked. Not only that, its medical effects are incredible. Decreased anxiety while simultaneously increasing productivity and energy, helps with pain and inflammation -- all around winner.”