The Sauce Reviews

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  • “I suffer from major everyday anxiety that will result in me having to walk away from my family/friends to try to chill my body and mind if I smoke a strain that induces too much of a cerebral high. I end up having an anxiety attack so bad that I can see my heart pumping outside of my shirt, I have terrible chest pains, and sometimes feel like I'm having a heart attack and might die. It sounds wildly dramatic, but...I...”

  • “Had a chance to dab some live resin at my local Canna club. The bird may be the word but The Sauce is da boss. Super smooth and tasty. Super happy, Energetic and focused yet relaxed with just a touch of that "Huh?"”

  • “wow... I'm really impressed with the gg4 offshoots lately. The aroma is so delicious.. almost a dark chocolate with a pungent piney fuel odor followed by almost citrusy lime. The complexity doesn't stop there either. The taste is similar to a decadent dessert flavor followed by just the right amount of pungent skunkiness.. This is definitely one to try out!”

  • “I love anything that has gorilla glue in it. I have a disgusting tolerance, I actually got the wrong strain but ended up being more happy with The Sauce. Very heavy head high, this strain is one of the only ones who give me my appetite back. Also a clean buzz, no anxiety.”

  • “Ok, I'm normally a huge HEAVY incica or high thc fan, due to an annoyingly high tolerance, extreme anxiety, chronic pancreatitis (thank you for that, western medicine😂) so constant nausea and a few pinched nerves causing an always present neuropathy (nerve pain). Not even Vic 10's do anything, causing me to seek this form of medication, instead. My body likes to be a little asshat at times! The Sauce totally kill...”

  • “Smoke a blunt, this weed is amazing. Very good public weed, talkative weed, burned slow and good. Different flavor. Loved it”

  • “I recently tried this using water pipe. this is very loud medicine and it tastes very smooth. Effective immediately clean head high that matches the smooth Flav. Felt creative, inquisitive and peaceful. High didn't last too long. No munchies or sleepiness. depending on tolerance may have to does more frequently”

  • “Great strain for socializing. I was feeling like hell and 3 rips later, all is great. Pain is gone, anxiety from waiting for test results disappeared and had a great dinner out and even went to the club... No shit!!”