Tillamook Strawberry Reviews

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  • “really hope to see some pics and hesr some peoples reviews. it grows kinda like some north lights and is fast vegging and close internodes on most phenos beautiful plant smells amazing even in veg. just put in budding with some NL and Afgan and BD should be interesting. im very excited about this i know not to man people grow it or it would be all over leafly but once budding is over ill add pic. i just put motherd i...”

  • “The local dispensary had this strain on special, so I picked up a gram to give it a try. Ended up going back the next day to pick up another eighth of it. Why? First of all, the smell: Sweet strawberries with hints of diesel. The aroma alone made my mouth water, and my expectations were met with the taste and effects that followed. The diesel taste is more prominent on the exhale (not a negative in my book, but it w...”

  • “Hypnotic. In an amazing way. I have a lot of severe pain I. My neck, entire spine, hips, knees, hands (I know I a mess) and blinding migraines. This helps all of those a lot while I'm relaxing. It does help the pain some while I am moving around doing things. But where this really shines is when you're chillin. I love to take a couple fat hits off the bong and watch a good movie with a comfy blanket. It helps the ...”

  • “Fantastic just like Tillamook products, and I acquired it from a fantastic place to acquire medicine The Greener Side! Tastes like strawberry for sure, and works well for a number of things.”

  • “Smokes well has earthy smell very mellow level high”

  • “its by far the best sativa dominate strain ive smoked so far. its very powerful”

  • “it's a little heavy sativa and it's super great..without a headrush..just a very very good high without a body high but somehow you don't want to operate..go for it..+++”

  • “Love this. Definitely my new favorite strain.”