Treasure Island Reviews

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  • “This was a pleasant but odd surprise. Even on balance strains I still get a bit of the THC head buzz. It's manageable, but it's there. On this strain, it's very, very faint. Faint to the point where you don't feel "high". This was both trying it by vape and also trying it by smoking a bowl. The breakdown I was given on this blend from my dispensary was a potential of 14.21% CBD, and 1.06% THC. The effect? At first ...”

  • “Great for relaxing in the evening when you don't want the sleeping effects of a strong indica or the jitters from an energetic sativa. These hybrid has a throaty hit and mellow favor. I enjoy smoking this bud out of a water bong.”

  • “A really light high, great for smoking whole joints without getting too high. Head buzz is super short lived but it gives a full body relaxation.”