Tres Dawg Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a great indica for all your relaxation needs. Smells so nice, excellent fragrance. Very strong effects come on quick. I would probably not use this strain during the day. Get this if you can find it and you love good strong bud.”

  • “So for some reason at my dispensary (well in all of Ct) they can't use "street strain names,) like Sour diesel, or OG kush. So they call this #25,violet-but in reality it's tres dawg. Anyways great strain, especially if you're an indica lover(like me.) it's actually a hybrid but definitely an indica dominant one. A little goes a long way with this strain. Relaxing, helps with pain(I shattered my ankle in a really ba...”

  • “T 21.5% pure oil from Curaleaf (my favorite oils by far available from one of 3 CT growers) — definitive Star Dawg parental qualities, so a tasty, citrusy flavor abounds, and the intensity + cerebral nature of this particular strain is not one I would recommend for non-seasoned folk.. I could see it provoking or producing anxiety for those folks who agitate easily FROM thc— (vs those with baseline-anxiety, like me..)...”

  • “Nice relaxing and europhic high from this!”

  • “This is a back-cross of my absolute favorite cannabis strain: Chemdawg. Very potent, not for the casual smoker.”

  • “This is a SUPER potent strain! It's sticky, it smells pungent - but it's a goooood pungent :) One small bowl and i'm soaring. This review has taken about 10 minutes to type up... If you already have some kind of nervousness or paranoia, this strain will amplify it. The highness feels like its radiating from my eyes and chest. I'm very tingly. Like a post orgasm”

  • “Very sweet sour diesel chemdawg taste. Less hashy than headband. Really flavorful. Offers a medium sativa high with heavy indica stone. One of the best mixes of diesel flavor. This strain is very strong and the oil is amazing. If you are lucky enough to find this strain get it.”

  • “Great strain, I'd give it a 4.5 but I can't so a 5. At my dispensary they call it violet/25 since in Ct our dispensarys can't use "street names." Ridiculous, since the pharmacist tells me anyway. Great indica, if you can get your hands on it, I suggest you do. Super high thc content(mine tested at 25.3%) long lasting, relaxing high. Definitely in my top 10.”