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What is Vanilluna?

World renowned Oregon breeder DJ Short used his legendary Blueberry genetics to create this 50/50 hybrid, Vanilluna. By pollinating a sativa-dominant female Blueberry with the original Blueberry indica male, he created a medium-tall, Kush-like plant with short internodal spacing, dark green foliage, and fragrant spade-shaped buds. The terpenes produced by Vanilluna give off subtle, complex aromas of creamy vanilla and honey with undertones of flowers and melon. Its high is very long-lasting, dreamy, and comfortable, especially considering it has THC levels up to 24%. 

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Eye Pressure

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Vanilluna Flavors

  • 1. Sweet

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“A very intoxicating aroma.beautiful looking buds.a strong vanilla taste and it.doesn't make me tired”

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“So I wanted to try this strain cause I seen the review where it was good for eye pressure...I shit you not instant and total relief after 3 tokes. My eyeball doesn’t feel like it’s going to pop out of my head and I no longer have a migraine! Sooooo smooth I never coughed once!!! This is by far one of my Go To tops for sure for pain and ailments”


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