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Venus OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • BJW

    “An interesting strain for sure: it has a very full bodied high with sativa creativity/euphoria. It feels 60/40 sativa to me - decent lung expansion and great taste ... very much like lemons/oranges with just a hint of piney skunk. The high starts quickly with a burst of euphoria and a warm blanket type feel on the body. It can keep you focused and creative enough to do some late night work, but then puts you right...”

  • “Gives a nice, clear-minded high so I'm still able to socialize, work and be productive. Calms my anxiety and allows me to relax without making me tired. Overall a really great, balanced hybrid!”

  • “It was great to me!!! A god one for a rainy day to chill at home with.”

  • “Brought my mood up instantly felt annoyed as hell but it def cured it I forgot why I was mad lol, I didn't like the taste as much tho”

  • “defiantly puts you in a good mood!! love the taste of it. kinda reminded me of a sweet tea with a lemon on the side!!!”

  • “I picked Venus OG "middle shelf" potency from my local dispensary. The lime green nugs are covered in light orange hairs snowflaked with a healthy frosty coating. Smell is citrus, fruit and sweet floral. Smooth and flavorful each exhale matches the smell. Great hybrid buzz, focused mind with some physical relaxation. Not couch lock indica heavy but you won't mind sitting and chatting or a nice walk. No paranoia, anx...”