Versace Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It's a truly magical strain”

  • “Brandon0571 speaks nothing but the truth; "It's a truly magical strain". This strain is sweet but thick and robust. It sets in with a clear head high that'll make everyone smile and eases into a mellow, balanced body high. This would definitely be a great strain if you were generally feeling down. The only "negatives" I'd give this strain would be a slight headache and maybe dry mouth but my eyes were never too terri...”

  • “The Versace that I smoked seemed like a 50/50 hybrid. It tasted like a collection of fresh herbs and flowers with a slight fuel in the undertone. If I ever see gas pumps at Whole Foods Market... The buds wore a faded green shade, with bold orange hairs shining brightly underneath a light coat of trichomes. These buds had all the physical features of a luxurious strain, aptly named after the high profiled fashion...”

  • “A unique trait of this strain is that it does not inhibit your mind much even after several hits, comparable to Super Jack. It gives a very comforting euphoria that's stronger than some other sativas I have tried. Tastes very good, too. Definitely worth trying if you want a productive euphoria with zero paranoia.”

  • “Actually incredible Super controllable high and tastes great”