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Violet Delight Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is, what I like to call, stabilization. Wipes out anxiety without wiping you out. its a nice slow decent when you begin to go from the creative aspect to the relaxed and sleepy aspect. Nice ride.”

  • “Great flavor nice buds with some purple in it. A flowery taste but not potpourri overwhelming. An up high makes you walk, talk and laugh.”

  • “Smells very fragrant, tastes is wonderful. Pretty stoney.”

  • “amazing flavor and effects”

  • “I get such a good high from this and also a boost of energy. Smoked this all weekend and it helped me keep going.”

  • “Very nice relaxing strain with a good amount of social giggles. Very tasty and aromatic. Picked a half oz up at the Gorge Greenery in hood river perfect for all these snowy inside days.”

  • “Tried this with a 26% thc level in both a bubbler and on a second occasion a joint. Didn't cough once. Pleasantly tingly early on. Relaxing and happy. Not too sleepy but I was tired the first time I tried it and had to take a nap within an hour of smoking. Relaxed and awake the second time. A little bit of the munchies, but not so much that a light snack kept that under control. Enjoyable and easy smoking.”

  • “it's been a long time since a strain gave me the giggles like this one did. fun, social, giggly high, very spacey - and I mean that in a great way! taste was a little more earthy than most strains I've had, but it smoked smooth and went straight to my head. we had this one at a party, so I can also say it mixes great with a little wine.”