White Lavender Reviews

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  • hi2

    “Gently nudges you out of a bad mood. You'll be smiling and laughing...a lot. Sativa dominant for sure. Probably best as a morning strain, although I tried it for the first time at 6:00 pm. It's going to be a late night.....of fun. This would be a nice strain for your friends who are not so experienced with weed. No paranoia, just happiness and laughter....and very wide open eyes.”

  • “I bought this from my local dispensary, Cannaroli station by Soap Lake, Washington. This review has a bit to do with personal preference. I like basically anything to do with marijuana, so I'm not terribly picky about my weed. I do know the difference between good bud and great bud though. This is an in depth review of White Lavender from W.O.W! Weed. The High: Rather weak high. Very mellow, good body rush. Takes ...”

  • “Absolutely mind blowing high. Happy, euphoric and what it does for my pain, oh wow. Very pretty, dense, buds with a little cedar smell. Having a downer day and got pain try this. Go easy with it it is potent.”

  • “This strain definitely has anti-inflammatory qualities. I have a herniated disc L5S1 and white lavender really helped ease my pain consistently. It smells amazing (the lavender smell is apparent), and the high is relaxing and mellow. Would recommend to anybody with back pain issues.”

  • “Buds were fluffy and covered in tricomes. The smell is excellent, soothing even. Smoke and vapor are both hardly noticeable while inhaling and it's easy to ingest more than you might with a more diesely or skunky strain. The high is a beautiful blend of relaxed euphoria and mental stimulation. There wasn't much I was able to do other than be engulfed in my own thoughts. At one point on White Lavender my friend turned...”

  • “Indica on the body, Sativa on the brain. A++ for this hybrid strain! This particular batch wasn't visually beautiful (small buds, some stems- meh color), but the look on the bud-tender's face when I asked her if she'd tried it, said it all. The high is right! If I smoke too much, it wears me out from over-stimulation. That's how it went from being the perfect daytime weed, to the perfect nighttime weed. Also- b...”

  • “i can thia shit had a funky ass taste, smelled great, was like hitting a hot pepper, i dont know maybe the resin in me bowl? did the trick, had me looking at old shit in my closet, i will say the picasso looks rad. Good head buzz. Good buzz head power to the true heads, not the dip shits who thumbs down my shit.”

  • “Small buds but nice lime green color and a good citrus stink. Couple of hits and you're good.”