White Lightning Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Very quick acting tasty bud. I enjoyed both the taste and effect! My strain was actually crossed with purple kush for Purple White Lightning.”

  • “White Lightning is the cross between two amazing strains; White Widow & Northern Lights. It's a sativa-heavy hybrid that feels, how a good sativa should, like a thunderstorm is brewing inside your head. Long lasting effects and a pleasant flavor, like a mix between ripe fruit and vegetables, make this worthy of both the prestiege of its award-winning parents, and its curiously exciting name. Don't hesitate to give th...”

  • “Smokes how it looks and smells - Natural Skunky Trees. Long Holiday like buds, that are soft and squishy to the touch. Extreme Calm: Feel the need to stretch, walk, run, meditate, read, do yoga. Body pain doesn't disappear like Blue Dream strain, but becomes more manageable due to reduced stiffness in joints and muscles.”

  • “Hands down my favorite. Most people have or will wind up finding that one strain that seems like it was just for them. This is that strain for me. Most memorable, pleasurable strain I'd ever tried hands down.”

  • “You cannot smoke a better strain of weed than White Lightning. One of my all time favorites !!”

  • “First hit I took, I was surprised about how smooth it smokes. Great toke for sure. Very energizing strain, but good for relaxing as well, and if you're a creative person? This strains for you.”

  • “seemed like a near perfect 50/50 hybrid and was extremely frosty thanks to the white widow!”

  • “This was quite possibly the strongest strain I've tried yet and I've been a regular toker for about 2 years. Especially in the last few months, I've sparked up every day at least once and was beginning to grow accustomed to the high. I did everything from dabs, to bongs, to good ol' fashion j's. The high was becoming sub-par no matter how much I smoked. I felt like I needed to hotbox with Seth Rogen, Doug Benson, and...”