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Afghan Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great Stain! Be warned: you will get munchies and become stupidly lazy. Smoked a bowl with a couple of friends,.. ended up going through 4 XL pizzas, content with relaxing on couch and watching stupid random movies and enjoying them. (Kentucky Fried chicken). Its really easy to pass out after smoking this strain. Knocked us all out, woke up hungry as hell. Do not recommend smoking in the morning or afte...”

  • “Exceptionally Strong. Looking for a clean indica that can make you numb, no pain just relaxation. I find that it's harder and harder these days to find a pure Indica, without some hybridized effects. Just totally hits my body at first I don't notice it at all. Then all of sudden I noticed I am relaxed, if you want that 60's vibe of all peace and no war this is a pure representation of that moment frozen in time. Afgh...”

  • “Solid 8, started smoking and instantly felt tingley.kept smoking got major munchies,ate dominos.loaded another bowl sat on the couch was way to stoned to find the remote or get up and put in a movie.sat there smoking and laughing passed out with the pipe in my hand.woke up 9 hours later still in a sitting position with the pipe still in my hand.great for insomnia.not for first timers.”

  • “Afghan kush is a very strong high and kind of catches you by surprise if you are not prepared. Being the fact that it is a kush gives it points on the potency chart anyway but other than that this strain is extremely potent rating a 19% to 22% Thc content. This strain gives an extreme body high would be strongly recommended for experts not for novices because those who are not prepared or have never had anything this...”

  • “good for backpain man loved it man”

  • “this afghan kush is incredible, one of the most potent strains I've EVER had, after just a normal "dose" of one small joint I was feeling real good for hrs, yes I say hrs, 3 to 4 to be exact, it also made me very very relaxed, sleepy and as if I didnt have a care in the world...”

  • “This weed brought me back to a peaceful time, before September 11th, 1985”

  • “A great strain to kickback with your friends and converse about life. Little to no paranoia. Not harsh on the lungs and is a great strain to roll into a joint. Beginners should be careful however, it is a very heavy strain and 2-3 hits will do you good.”