Banana Candy Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Love this strain. Definitely seems to make people aroused. Watch out who you smoked it with...”

  • “i Personally do not think that this is a fav, but it is very good quality and it definitely helps with any sort of sleeping disorders or any thing of the sort. note:VERY heavy indica..”

  • “A buddy came over to medicate with me, and brought some of this from our local dispensary. Great buzz, I became quite talkative and energetic. Gave me some wicked cottonmouth and made me just a little bit hungry, not too strong a case of the munchies, though. I also gained quite a bit of energy as well.”

  • “Solid did it with a friend in a 300 dollar bong had a great time.”

  • “holy crap this was some strong stuff! I vaped at 420F and the vapor was so thick I thought I was gonna get everyone within 100 feet of me stoned also. I watched Terminator Genesis and loved the special effects. Then I got brave and ate a habanero pepper for some reason and I'm still paying for it the day after. Moral of the story...enjoy this strain and stay away from habanero peppers =)”

  • “Good stuff.”

  • “this weed is very good”

  • “Creeper strain.... took a while to hit, but when it did - damn. I didn't get sleepy, but it did make me comfortable enough to want to sleep. I can still use this during the day and be ok. This had wonderful flavors of fruit, sweet pine, tropical fruits, but a slight pungent aftertaste. I had a bowl to myself and I was gooooood!! This melted away severe nerve pain, moderate tendon pain, and moderate muscle pain. ...”