Black Magic Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great strain. High Altitude grew the Black Magic I purchased. It is wonderful for anxiety, pain, headaches, spasms and insomnia. I am writing this and I am getting the munchies ;) Great for any indica lover!”

  • “Black Magic bangs! Superpoop! Ultra bubonic chronic! Fantastic med values include joint pain relief, stomach related issues relieved, mind relaxed, body floats, hunger increased and as most Indica strains do, induced sleep. Overall supreme in regards to its crazy, mixed up flavors. Berry, cherry, chemical twists and this odd, earthy, coffee aftertaste. Top shelf bigtime!”

  • “Black magic is a strain by Andromeda Strains and is a cross of Buckeye purple and Cherry Sauce. It often has a rotten fruit smell. Often taste fruity with hash undertones. An extremely potent strain!! Seeds can be found at Neptune seed bank.”

  • “A relief, this strain. Perfect for stress, PTSD, anxiety. And a good night of sleep. No pain, just euphoria with still a clear mind. Bought it at Pot Cargo, good buds, satisfied so far.”

  • “Delicious and beautiful buds. Dark green leaves mixed with lighter dense areas and plenty of orange brown hairs. Smells of earth and berries. Tastes like spiced berries and a bit of clove. Effect is indica-dominant; relaxing and sleep-inducing.”

  • “Very nice strain to relax your state of mind and puts you straight on he sofa. I really like the taste compared to other strains of kush.”

  • “Pretty good. Here in MT. Got some Black Magic The other day. wasn't extremely impressed but its good. if you're going to the Tamarack dispensary by montana speedway then I'd recommend getting the White Fire.”

  • “My oh my! After trying several unimpressive strains lately. Black Magic is Homerun. Very relaxing in the couch effects. A dominant taste of rose petals via vaping. Something I have never experienced. If you have read my past reviews, you would know that I don't get super excited very often.”