Black Mamba Reviews

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  • “This strain is an utter Godsend for me. I am bipolar and there are times when I feel myself slipping into Mania. Typically I would just have to ride it out and apologize to my wife and friends when the mania ends. Sometimes it lasts a few hours. Sometimes a week. This has ALWAYS been the hardest thing about being bipolar....becoming manic and losing control and seeing the trail of destruction I leave behind me ...”

  • “Very good”

  • “First time I've ever smoked something that doesn't make me anti-social. The high is great! I get relaxed, yet I am talkative and social. It is great for insomnia because you are relaxed and it relieves my chronic muscles spasms. It is similar to how you feel when you take an Ativan. Best weed I've ever tried!”

  • “Ive come across two strains called "Black Mamba" or "Kobe Kush". One had fat, puffy, large, speckled-to-completely dark purple nugs, and the other is smaller, golden-tinged, and has specks of black here and there. The black coloration is totally new to me, and dank. The larger nug was probably a sativa dom. hybrid. This review is of the smaller, "Black Mamba" i KNOW is indica through-and-through. First off--sm...”

  • “Can't really explain it, but this strain makes me laugh so hard I'm fearful of having a heart attack! Certain things become so funny that I simply have to look away or think about something else to get a grip. Laughing buzz runs off/on for about 1-1.5 hour then mellow followed by a segue to pain-free (solid 8) sleep. Loopy head high for sure.”

  • “Strong, and sour dank taste. definitely very stinky, smells like sour grapes. Unique and beautiful color too. This one is a definite favorite of mine because of the awesome body effects and happy highly high.”

  • “I really love this strain. I can function just fine even though it hits you like a brick. I really enjoy dank, diesel-tasting, heavy-hitting Indica and this really fits the bill. It helps with my anxiety/panic issues and relaxes me for a good night's sleep. In my top 5 for sure.”

  • “I just smoked this a couple of days a ago with my friend. Now I haven't smoked since New Year's (but I was an everyday smoker) so I smoking like 4 blunts with some Sour mixed in. I had some Com Truise playing and I was feeling the music and then the music was getting louder and the talking was getting weird. i had to step out of my room and sit down in my kitchen to get some juice but I couldn't see. Everything was t...”