Blackberry Bubble Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is one that never disappoints. From the aesthetic appeal of trichome covered purple and green flowers to the delicious taste of berries with a hint of skunk blackberry bubble is top shelf medicine. The effects are heavy on the body and energetic and euphoric in the mind. Great strain for end of day pain, stress, and depression.”

  • “Nice Clear heady high that swoops down into a nice calm relaxed feel that keeps anxiety and migraines away . I can run this one day or night , Tastes and looks really good also .”

  • “Although it didn't make me sleepy like I'd hoped it did have a great smell and taste. Euphoric effect and caused me to have a rad conversation with the boyfriend. Eventually when I laid down to sleep about an hour after dosing I was able to rest peacefully. I would purchase this strain again for sure.”

  • “A motivating, euphoric high combined with power body effects. Smells and tastes amazing, too!”

  • “This one is my absolute favorite. Tastes great and gives a total body relaxation. Can't fall asleep? This is the one that does it for me. Highly recommended.”

  • “It's okay, but not what I call an Indica. Berry taste but the high isn't as good as it looks.”

  • “This was such an instant relaxer!!!!”

  • “Very relaxing, but you can still function and get shit done.”