Blue Cheese Reviews

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  • “This is somehow the only indica-dominant strain I can smoke during the day. It's amazing for anxiety and stress relief, while not making you too tired. I feel like Blue Cheese is what Blue Dream was trying to be but you just can't beat this stuff, and again *it doesn't make me sleepy*. I had to buy a zip and put it in the freezer for the zombie apocalypse. This is also my girlfriend's favorite strain for sex. A...”

  • “This by far is the best strain EVER created by man... The best Blueberry and the best UK/or Cheese mashed together for a joyful experiance. My favorite version of this strain is the DJ Bluebbery shorts X UK Cheese. This is the absolute best med out there...i know because i smoke them all for a living... THIS STRAIN WORKS WONDERS FOR ALL THAT TRY IT!!!!!!!”

  • “New favorite strain!!! I suffer from tourettes so I'm always stuck for daytime meds because indicas help my condition but make me sleepy. Blue cheese works wonders! A couple hits and my stress melts away as my body relaxes, my smile widens, and my tics leave me. Very relaxed feeling but not a heavy feeling like I get with indicas. Morning, day, afternoon or night this is great any time of the day!!”

  • “💣🔥 You know how some dogs are so ugly that they're cute, like pugs? Blue Cheese is so disgustingly stinky, just one whiff will widen your eyes and you may just laugh at how much it actually resembles a slab of Gorgonzola. This strain reeks so bad that it's good. This is the worst smelling strain you will ever love. Such a unique flavor and an even more unique high! Perfect for stress and winding down after a long d...”

  • “I think I'm falling in love with all cheese strains. Blue Cheese is no exception. A marvelous strain that provides the general relaxed, euphoric, stoned buzz. Local dispensary claimed it was a sativa dominant hybrid, didn't feel like it too much. I would say that it did provide a spark of creativity, and had somewhat of a cerebral stimulation. But for the most part it is an indica dominant strain minus the heavy need...”

  • “Mid size, tight nugs. Dense, proper finish. Two solid bong rips and within two minutes my left ear stops working and after a few more minutes i realize im staring in to spce, open mouthed, the how to flip real estate with no money or sense infomercial reduced to a low hum in the background. Burritos, bro. fuckin a.”

  • “Blue cheese is such a great daytime smoke, Its one of them strains which slightly creep on you (5-10mins) then BAM! You feel it first cover your head in a warm blanket, you start to feel it slowly wrapping your whole body into a euphoric mellow high which is absolutely great because this Stain is easy to work with anywhere! I could be anywhere high on blue cheese and could handle my self easily without monging out...”

  • “Of the 3 strains I have on hand : blue cheese, blue dream, and purple passion this is my favorite daytime cannabis. Strangely (I've never experienced this before with marijuana) it really increases my level of arousal - and lately this is great because my sex drive is super low. Also, I can go about my day 'as normal' but with a nice relaxed mind. Stress is a constant (HIGH) in my life right now so this strain is ...”