Blue Diamond Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Sheeeeeeeeeesh. As I got home from the job I took a few hits while I was on the toilet and I thought I fell in the toilet. That pretty much sums up this strain.”

  • “Great strain. I got this strain yesterday and I can say this is great, the feeling is relaxing yet hyped. I felt happy and energetic but very sleepy after a short while. Recommended for night time usage.”

  • “This is honestly the best one I've had. I have bipolar and my head can get crazy. With blue diamond kush I'm focused and motivated. Get r Done!”

  • “Tried Blue Diamond recently for the first time, and it is spectacular. Very dense buds with lovely crystals that crackle when the flame hits. A great pick-me-up for after work to relieve the day's stress & depression. Highly recommend this strain!”

  • “Went camping with some friends and we smoked this. We then talked about how humans are cells to the Earth so... yeah great head high for me almost pulsing with euphoria.”

  • “Stoney and sleepy. Great bud for relaxation and insomnia. Fruity and sweet. Large beautiful light green nugs and frosty leaves.”

  • “one of my favorites blue diamond is a smooth smoking experience with a surprise kick. good to smoke when u have lots of free time believe you'll just want to relax”

  • “After a bowl of this my friend I ended up on the floor in the most hilarious lighter fight you've seen. By far the most potent strain I've ever had and I whole heartily recommend it to all.”