Blue Moonshine Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “love love love this strain. Its loving time when I whip this jar out. Look out wife!!!”

  • “Quoted from just cuz they say it best. "Blue Moonshine is a powerful Indica plant, that produces highs that are similar to the effect produced by hash. In fact for growers looking to make good hash this is a good plant to start with. The name of this strain was reportedly coined in a dream. Blue Moonshine is related to the White Widow strain family. That's partly why the buds are so dense and c...”

  • “Blue Moonshine, good for night time. Buy again. Relaxed body. Head still able to think. Reduced anxiety.”

  • “This is the strain that I needed to help me sleep. I have chronic insomnia and anxiety. I have been on sleeping meds for a long time that didn't put me into deep sleep. Vaping one hit gave me just what I needed to sleep deeply, something I haven't had in a few years. Also, one hit was just enough to not get me paranoid, but just enough so I am happy and am able to sleep the whole night.”

  • “good balance, not so strong you get paranoid from it, and not so weak that you barely feel anything... it gave me a nice euphoric high and made me hungry, lasted about 3 hours fully, and no crash at the end... one of my favs! 9/10”

  • “Big purpley flowers with a distinct sweet blueberry aroma. Colorful, fragrant and sexy, this babe is willing to please. Somewhat aggressive, with a sour blueberry mash flavor. A dazzler for sure that will hold you attention all night, giving you a scenes of clarity and relaxation. Great for those warm romantic & cuddly night, making music and movies come alive.”

  • “Good for PMS”

  • “So amazing.. It was either Blue Moonshine or Blue Mystic. Someone said it was Moonshine but I think it was Mystic.. Not sure, but I couldn't stop giggling. It was great.”