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Capers Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This has been one of my favorite strains for years. Comes on nice and easy but after about 10-15 minutes this powerful strains pain relieving properties really start to show.”

  • “Dank dank very smooth smoke I'm getting oak notes with pine. complicated it doesn't conflict or confuse the senses ...I have been trying to help my back pain and spasms. with the icy hot lol found it at CDXX. a nice purple tint too...good bag appeal”

  • “Highly recommended. Easy to grows short and bushy, , I was quite shocked to learn its average THC content to be what it is, it smokes like high 20s potentially 30%. I personally ONLY grow/purchase Capers and one other strain. I rely don't know why this one isn't more popular to. be honest. My only gripe about Capers is that it's hard to get it to grow tall relative to other strains. Definitely worth checking out. Thi...”

  • “Was a quite heavy high but very good for pain”

  • “I would love to get this! Its a Michigan born and bred strain and well... Home state strains would be amazing to add to the collection ! Find me seeds or a true clone..... So... If anyone out there has it...”

  • “Powerful indica with intense high. Classic”