Chronic Thunder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I'm getting really tired of Garth Brooks showing up every time I take a hit..”

  • “I highly recommend this strain to any and all cannabis users who enjoy both THC and CBD and can handle being very stoned very quickly. One of my new favorites for sure, this bud has a pretty strong pungent diesel and herb smell to it, but with a very smooth and tasty smoke. I don't usually need a lot of bud to get me baked, but this strain surprised me with an intense and powerful high after only two hits (which did ...”

  • “I am a long time smoker of many types of marijuana and the Chronic Thunder I have been getting from Kind makes you feel like someone stole your bones. High THC in this one clears the mind and tucks you in for the night. Best to use in the evening. Definitely a top choice.”

  • “New fave!!!! I have a fairly high tolerance so I'm constantly switching things up to find what works. CT not only helped with the pain I experience from fibromyalgia, but it also helped to control my nausea and gave me a good night's sleep for the first time all week. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

  • “Sticky icky no seeds no sticks NOT FOR BEGINNERS smells sweet with a hint of earth, because of its stickiness I wouldn't recommend to grind more body and slight head effects when burning, can't sleep this will knock you out in a good way HEAVY HITTER SUCKAS.....🎾🍵🍏🍐☘🍃🌵”

  • “One of the few strains that rates Insomnia first under Medical. Sleep is on its way. Hit it close to your bedtime hour, perhaps in bed with lights off and phone off, ready to crash. You will.”

  • “My favourite strain I've ever tried throughout my 8 years of smoking. Lovely sour smell and taste, maximum relaxation. Have your schedule free if you are to smoke this strain, you will be sofa bound for several hours”

  • “HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE INDICA!!! This strain is a very hard hitter for me.. I pick it up every time my local dispensary has it in.. It does the job 10 fold... I highly recommend this strain but be aware it hits hard... Not to sure it most feel the effects the way I do.. But I love it...”