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Corleone Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “super groovy lol”

  • “Powerful and potent the first bowl sent the pain in my neck from a botched fusion flowing away. The second bowl, melted me and my guitar into a happy fusion, all else just disappeared. This was my experience...I highly recommend that you try it for yourself. One love, Brothers and Sisters...”

  • “This strain feels built for me! Amazing citrus spicy taste and is perfect for pain/insomnia without making you couch locked! Can't wait for more Corleone!”

  • “Bought a pre rolled jay of it. And it was amazing!”

  • “Put me into a state of complete euphoria, I was so relaxed and felt so good! Just chilled with some homies and played some pool..BUT!! This shit hits you hard, be prepared cause it will knock you out lol”

  • “Knocked me the F##K! Out. I recommend 💯”

  • “Hard hitter but smooth, gets you high quick and uplifted, may experience paranoia, like imagining things in your head. besides that I recommend it.”

  • “Hard hitting Indica that leaves your mind still active. This strain has a light citrus smell and sweet taste. Grows tall with thick, dense buds.”