Corleone Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “VERY potent, high in THC strain. Smells wonderfully delicious, a true OG smell with a kick, very sour lime and pine scent is very obvious. Picked this up right now at URBAN HEALTH in Sylmar on Roxford St and San Fernando Rd.. Lab tested to have THC % of 29. Redicioulous high, very evident indica with a strong sativa head high which is a bit overwhelming even for an experienced medical cannabis aka "stoner" as I; bewa...”

  • “My dispensary got this in recently and finally I gave it a try and I wish I had sooner. Potent strain that immediately just eases any pain you have and relaxes you. The buds are covered in delicious crystal goodness. The sample I picked up was around 27% THC so it's up there in potency. Recommend....highly. <( ~ . O)>”

  • “Awesome, very relaxed, pain reducer!”

  • “This strain is my favorite sleepytime indica above all now. It's uplifting in addition to completely relaxing, which is a rare combination. It also knocks you out the entire night. I just wish it wasn't so rare. I know what to do next time it is in stock at least -- buy the Corleones out.”

  • “Starts off feeling like a sativa then the come down is like an indica..”

  • “Corlone Kush is extreamly poitent, strong sativa strain that works as a sativa should. Very uplifting, energetic, and makes you imagine things. Unfortunately I experienced some stress and paranioa but the come down makes for a good relaxient.”

  • “Hard hitter but smooth, gets you high quick and uplifted, may experience paranoia, like imagining things in your head. besides that I recommend it.”

  • “Picked an 8th up from Maggie's farm . Dear lord Jesus ... If you ain't a big time indica smoker .. BOOOOOOYYYY you better smoke w/caution . Great taste , great smoke , great choice .”