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Corleone Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Corleone is one of the most heavily sedating and physically relaxing varieties of Kush I've ever had. Beautiful mix of purple and green flowers that almost remind me of the "old school purps." Excellent night time pain and insomnia relief.”

  • “Hits you fast like the backhand of the godfather after fucking up a mission. Cerebral high worlds moving and then into a body relaxation. Great for sleep And night time use”

  • “This is my FAVORITE weed at the moment. Very strong indica but has a perfect balance of head and visual effects. I absolutely love it!”

  • “This is a fire strain. Full body stone even off a few hits.”

  • “Yellowish flowers, descent hybrid, kind of smokey smelling Not quite 3 stars”

  • “super groovy lol”

  • “Powerful and potent the first bowl sent the pain in my neck from a botched fusion flowing away. The second bowl, melted me and my guitar into a happy fusion, all else just disappeared. This was my experience...I highly recommend that you try it for yourself. One love, Brothers and Sisters...”

  • “This strain feels built for me! Amazing citrus spicy taste and is perfect for pain/insomnia without making you couch locked! Can't wait for more Corleone!”