Darkside OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “great head change for the price if you want to slow down also the taste is very good not to earthy at all i like this”

  • “Very smooth smoke. Light green buds with good amount of crystals and hints of orange. Breaks apart nicely. Not to compact. A wonderful pungent piney/citrus smell. Wonderful body high with calming cerebral effects. Great movie smoke”

  • “Head heavy chill sedation motion. Much like Dogwalker. ..paired with a cube of gron chocolate bar guarantee a good night's sleep for pain sufferers”

  • “This is one of my all time favorite strains. Beautiful buds. So fluffy and sticky. Perfect high for any time of day. Relieves my pain and anxiety. I love it”

  • “Don't let the name fool you; this strain will lift you and only take you to happy places. Perfect strain for after a long stress filled day at work. Pleasing aroma and taste are an added bonus to the overall effect of the strain. It starts off with a normal enough buzz and before you know it, you are one with the couch. As I became more and more mellow, fewer and fewer negative thoughts came to mind. Great relaxation...”

  • “Just smoked one. Feeling super good. Amazing body feels and head high. 👌🏾”