Frankenstein Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Doesn't look like it is all that, But it kicks your a#$. Smell is pungent and brings memories of the good ol days. Highly potent. Stay at home and enjoy !”

  • “Frank hits you hard when smoked. Will have you full of laughter (controllable) and in the mood to be creative with things. The taste is a bit sweet and tropical mix and can put insomniacs to sleep at ease.”

  • “Amazing strain with heavy indica traits! Love it, not much of a sativa person it gives me anxiety. Super relaxing, taste very earthy, great pain reliever! One of my new favorites! If your looking for a heavy hitter that you can still be social with this is it! Love it!”

  • “Frankenstein lives up to its bio. A very powerful indica and the first strain to induce the best laughing fits for myself. This strain is an excellent addition to relaxing with friends and a great way to end any day.”

  • “This lovely Indica has a well established mood when inhaled "Come Smoke me and let me take you on an adventure" What it's really saying is Don't overdue it with me Cuz I'm a potent Bitch that will take your brain on a joyride that will leave you in Slumberland”

  • “It was too strong for me and knocked me the f#¢k out but it did wonders for my sleeping problem.”

  • “Smells pleasant, hint of spiciness in the flavor. Pretty intense effects almost immediately, im having trouble writing this because i just want to sit on the couch. I should have grabbed snacks. Damn”

  • “I bought 4gs for $40 at the " Stash Box " in Auburn, Wa and I liked it alot. Smells great, tastes good and the nugs are dense.”