Freezeland Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The trouble with that kind is when your use to smoke kush and now you smoke freeze, you need a little more to get a good high, but when it hits you, you feel good and not too lazy. Got beats on my head with music and nothings better than a couple minute of relaxation.”

  • “Lets talk about Freezeland. I live in Quebec, and that province was born with freezeland lol, that kind grow everywhere around our city and you can get a good bag for nothing I mean try to find a 7g for 25$ its easy. Freezeland is a good strain has a sativa dominant with a good constant cerebral high. Rate 7/10 for me. Good outdoor strain.”

  • “Pretty much the cheapest bud seen around for me. Decent quality. Don't pay much money for it though, it's not worth it.”

  • “Good weed for the price Bon weed pour le prix”

  • “got me sooooo baked for a really fucking long time and it tastes fucking amazing”

  • “This strain is readily available at KW Dispensary here in Kitchener, Ontario. A fantastic deal at 49 dollars for a 7 grams with tax included! A strong strain that was tested in a lab to find that it contained 23.07% THC and 1% CBD. I highly recommend this strain for stress relief, pain relief, and insomnia.”

  • “Very good smoke for a cheap price, a little bit too light for experienced smokers.”