Goldberry Reviews

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  • “I tried Goldberry based on verbal reviews of fellow patients. I love this strain! This is the PERFECT strain for the daytime. The first time I tried Goldberry I was a bit disappointed thinking "Why do others like this, I feel very little." Then after a little bit I realized that I was very happy, I could still think clearly and focus. I decided to purchase Goldberry again and I discovered there is not a very strong ...”

  • “The first time I tried Gold Berry, I thought it was too mild for me. Then I realized it was just right as I finished a day of work, happy, energetic, pain free, and social. Happy is the best word for this experience. To find the pain relief was not expected and I am thrilled as I suffer physical ailments that cause me great pain. I was pain free each time I smoked the Gold Berry Wax! The taste is excellent, especia...”

  • “I enjoy smoking all different strains. I have a spice rack of different strains and Goldberry is one that you will always find in my stash. Living a hectic schedule means that I cannot get to stoned while I have a lot of work to do. Goldberry is a strain that I can smoke and feel stoned and focused instead of stoned and zoned. If you also live a busy life style, but still want to get high, you can find Goldberry at ...”

  • “Goldberry is an awesome strain. It provides a very good high, with the benefits of being focused and happy is an awesome plus!! I smoked a little bit of this weed in the morning before work and i was focused as well as in a good mood until about mid afternoon and then i just had to take smoke a little bit more to finish off my day!! This is definitely my choice for a productive day!!!”

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    “Goldberry was an amazing strain! It's a wonderful euphoric experience from the very first hit. The high is swift and uplifting, while coming down is very calm without any side effects to my knowledge. This is by far one of the best strains i've had that does wonders with keeping my stress to a minimum. The only negative effect I had was the taste. While it has a nice effect, the burn is very strong and can almost be ...”

  • “Best medicine alive! Love this strain, and its amazing medical benefits!”

  • “This is a very reliable strain, which I use for daytime smoking. This is my favorite strain for wake and bake and in the morning because it's really not that strong, but is still good for medicating because it's much more subtle then some other strains.”

  • “Taste is interesting, didn't know it was an Indica dominant strain though. It's like a berry and skunky smell and taste. Easily put I'm relaxed and ache free. I would get it again when I see it .”