Gooberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Again, another entry into my favorite strains. Don't pass this one up!! Initial thoughts upon smoking this strain: The onset of this strain brings around a warming sensation that centralizes in a point on the forehead. This then spreads to create what I explain as a sauna towel wrapped around the head. This seems to wash over the whole body, but most noticeably on the shoulders and head. Brought a slight sense of ti...”

  • “Interested thing about this cut. It has a great get things done Sativa buzz. However, the more you consume the more sedating she becomes. Great looking buds, decent smell, squishy, good flavor, slightly harsh. Fantastic med overall, not a super strong Indica, energetic Sativa traits at lower dosages.”

  • “Outstanding!!<3 I love this giggles and watching funny videos online. I lost my shit laughing like I start crying because I giggled myself to death. I am super happy to get my hands on this Gooberry goodness! :S”

  • “This strain gave me a active high. I felted energized and happy. Good for a wake up in the morning. #energized #chilled #hyped”

  • “Gave me a very good body high, dizzy when tried to get up. Good for sleeping and relaxing.”

  • “Very good for insomnia. I slept like a baby last night. Made me feel light and my back pain mostly went away.”

  • “This is a really good strain for me, does everything it says it does in the description, I'm smoking it right now!!!”

  • “Perfect when I can't sleep or to just sit around watching Netflix.”