Grape Valley Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really nice work here. It was great with pain, completely gone for an hour. Muscle spasms and everything else that goes with CRPS. Great with PTSD, depression and anxiety.”

  • “I picked up this strain over at Shango Las Vegas, the only Dispensary in town to have it at the moment. The cultivators knew exactly what they were doing with this one. Dark green and purple buds that were covered in trichomes, literally looks as though they rolled it in sugar! Fruity aroma in the front at first and then you get the kushy smell. The buds were super dense and the smallest nug broke up to a large amoun...”

  • “This strain is super dank and tasty , when I opened the bag it smelled like the classic kushy smell with a hint of berries , super good euphoric high , very stress free and it gave m my friends the giggle effect , 5/5”

  • “dank as a meme”

  • “this herb Is outstanding, nice high equipped with relaxation and a hazy had feeling. definitely puts you in euphoria”

  • “A1 I had a 9hr brain surgery no sinus and I tell you it takes good quality to make me feel like this Great buds shout out to Earths Healing tucson.”

  • “Dabbing on some moxie Grape valley Kush live resin. Strain is amazing!”

  • “Excellent!”