Kelly Hill Gold Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I give this a five star because it my kind of Indica. Got a hold of this early in the day and it was very relaxing and tasted like potent earthy sweetness. My afternoon wasn't a couch-lock but i still enjoyed my heavy Indica high. (though i'm sure i could'a smoked more and been super ripped).”

  • “I was very surprised at how stoned I got . a new favorite. happy happy happy”

  • “Amazingly smooth. Sugary! Tastes great. Buds are big, and nicely trimmed. I felt very relaxed, and very happy. Definitely a new favorite for me!”

  • “This strain gives an awesome head high, with a small amount of a nice stoney body high. The terpene profile is great, a strong fruity smell with a saturated bright green bud, sprinkled with lots of amber pistils and sugary trichomes.”

  • “Never heard of this strain but picked it up based on smell and looks. Has a pleasant earthy/spicey smell, and nugs are super dense and sugary. It was definitely potent but didnt ruin my sunday”