King's Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Insidious high that lasts for a while. tingly, warm fuzzy feelings. makes you think about stuff and how it affects everything else. taste is, well let's be serious folks, tastes like sweet weed with a hint of something spicy as i smoke it as a joint. obviously creativity is still coherent. or not. SMOKE IT!”

  • “Bow down to the KING KUSH! Wow! I've been eying this strain at Delta 9 in Van Nuys - researching the shit out of King Kush. And I could not wait until I could taste such a beautiful flower. I usually focus on hybrids and sativas as I really love the cranial love I get from them. But today I had to get a gram of the King Kush. This is indica gold... Midas is touching my brain right now and I am blissing out at the ...”

  • “King's Kush is straight up DANK, definitely meant for kings! Very powerful effects, very potent strain, highly recommend to vet's and even new comers but with caution. This strain is everything you want an Indica to be, couch lock is inevitable but it also has a very relaxing numbing sensation which is what I like the most about it. Great for insomnia, pain, spasms, depression & anxiety. If you see this strain at you...”

  • “King Kush has such an amazing smell of Lavender, Grapes and citrus . witch really through me off such a different combination of aromas coming out of this flower , and for the medical use i noticed this would be a good all day smoke for someone dealing with immense pain or someone with a bit higher tolerance to like this for a day smoke because there is a nice uplifting heady high and an instant mood changer to help ...”

  • “Lemony flavor, very smooth smoke. Bred by musicians, Kottonmouth Kings”

  • “I found this strain to have the "placebo" effect. Sesh with the ideal plan being I wanna get stuff done, and I'm full of energy for hours. Sesh with the ideal plan of wanting to sleep and just pass the f out! Wonderful smoke..kinda harsh but doesn't leave you coughing up a lung. Sweet taste and def has a nice stank to it.”

  • “can't move for shit brah”

  • “Picked this up for 8 bucks per g and couldn't be happier with it. Amazing bag appeal. Sugared nugs covered in almost seasalt looking trichomes. Flower is dark green with a tad of purple mixed in. Smell is classic kush, and when you open the jar it hits you like a train. Pungent kush taste follows through to the last vape draw. Onset is a tingling in on the hands and a vibration in the vision. An overall feeling of we...”