Lee Roy Reviews

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  • “My boyfriend had knee surgery a few months ago and had been prescribed Lortab and then Percocet. After both of those failed to relieve any pain I got my hands on some Lee Roy and he can finally get relaxed enough to fall asleep and stay asleep! It also helps slice through my anxiety like a fucking samurai sword lol!! Stay lifted my friends ✌🏻🍃😊”

  • “Top 10 strains I have ever smoked. From FL where Triangle Kush originates and is one of my all time favorite buds. Amazing taste, full resinous sticky buds, and amazing relaxed Stoney but clear headed high. Good for any activity . Amazing strain by House of Dankness. 10/10”

  • “My girl and I came to CO for spring break and had to stop at Ballpark. They had Lee Roy and it was tunnel vision. 5 stars -John&Adrina”

  • “Best sleep ever. No waking up in the middle of the night from pain or anxiety. Best for night time use; it is super heavy.”

  • “I really enjoyed this strain but not for the reasons it advertises. Although it is an indica, I experienced far more sativa effects. After smoking this strain I got very hyper, was stupidly goofy, and enjoyed every minute of it! I felt really creative and would "meld" into the movie I was watching (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). As the night wore on a sense of relaxation calmed me, but I was never tired enough to slee...”

  • “Balanced perfectly. Very nice flower. Smokes smooth”

  • “I'm sorry but I can't help to love this lovely Indica Strain. Love all the Citrus flavors, with me being a Floridian... and all :)”

  • “Picked up a gram to try it out and it was great. Found myself glued to the couch. Hungry and happy. This was great for my anxiety and helped with pain also.”