Mag Landrace Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Purchased from Verano in Maryland. Stats: 23.29% THC, CBDa-0.08%, CBG-0.07%, CBGa-0.65% (total cannabinoids: 24.09%) Terpenes: B-Pinene 0.056% B-Myrcene 0.177%, Limonene 0.181%, B-Caryophyllene 0.293%, B-Eudesmol 0.012% (total terpenes: 0.719%) Beautiful nugs. Absolutely beautiful. Dark orange pistils grabbing the dark purple hues in a dense, wonderfully smelling nug. This one hits fast with euphoria and calm, t...”

  • “Excellent Indica! This strain will ease stress, insomnia, body aches and pains. The flowers are a beautiful mix of green and purple buds. When ground, the dark purple mixture is a delight to the eyes. The smoke is a little harsh but relief is felt immediately. The shatter is a beautiful amber color and tastes so delicious. The sweet taste of terpenes in the shatter dance around in the pallet for a tasty treat. All ...”

  • “Absolutely wonderful for pain relief! Definitely for night time or after you get home from work and need to unwind mentally and physically!!”

  • “This is by far one of the best strains in Illinois. In a state new to legal cannabis there are very few unique strains. Ataraxia/Goldleaf is setting the bar high with strains like Mag Landrace. Great tasting indica that will help chronic pain and help you sleep.”

  • “Great indica!! One of my favorite strains to medicate with. I suffer from anxiety and PTSD and use this strain to treat them. I only gave it 4 of 5 stars because a lot of times the buds are dense but a good amount of stems. All that said still in my top 3 along with Alien Rock Candy and Alien Bubba.”

  • “Wow!! This is an awesome strain! It reminds me of the imported hash that would come around once in a while in the early 90s. I have been trying to get this strain for about 2 months but it has been flying out of every dispensary in the state. I was lucky enough to score the last 2G's in the dispensary today 😁. My pain level was fairly high before I hit this tonight. After taking about 6 hits I was feeling significan...”

  • “This is my favorite strain at the moment. The feeling is very calming and relaxing. I like it most for the feeling it gives compared to other strains. I prefer indicas to sativas and this one does not give me couch lock or a headache like sativas can. I also like the flavor. It is almost like Lemon Pinesol cleaner. Very refreshing.”

  • “Definitely very enjoyable smooth smooth decent taste and great Affects”