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Monolith Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is one of the few strains I know will give me a fighting shot at sleep. You would think from the smell it would be the strongest medicine ever grown. Very very pungent and not an easy smoke to hide if you have too. This is happy uplifting smoke with a great body high.”

  • “Immediate cerebral state. Had to take a moment to get my head straight after one hit. Really really smelly stuff. Lots of bright orange hairs. Pleasent in a lot of ways. Totally a stress reliever.”

  • “Its a good strain. The buds are not the highest quality, the most dense, or the highest thc but it makes one feel amazing. Its a very relaxing body high yet with an uplifting euphoria and creativity that is very pleasant. The aroma is amazing as well and it makes me have a very vivid imagination which my friends have noted as well. It's not a well known strain but it is certainly a very good one”

  • “It is a very good strain. The buds aren't the best or have the highest thc content but it makes one feel amazing and have a super vivid imagination. Its very relaxing but with an excitement for things. Its also not too bad of a couch glue stick for an indica. One can still get up and have fun yet be relaxed. Its not a well known strain but its a good one.”

  • “I didn't get the sleepiness from this strain. Mine was from Kiona and was labeled as a hybrid. Only had about 17-18% thc, but this is a strain that really reminds you that thc isn't everything that matters. It was wonderful. It produced a dreamy, calm, surprisingly lucid high. I wouldn't say there was much of a body high mixed in but it did relax my muscles without couchlock or making my body feel weird like a lot of...”