Mr. Nice Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked up a couple grams of Mr.Nice Guy (Mr.Nice x OG) which was an interesting strain. It hits you off the gate with a strong head high that stimulated appetite that is followed by a creeping body high that put me right to sleep. Smell is VERY potent. As I grinded the smell filled my entire room. It's very earthy (I can relate it to a Bubba taste and smell wise). All together not a bad strain. Good for Insomnia and ...”

  • “I absolutely love this. Smoke a little and you get a good buzz, smoke a lot and you can have a great time. At first hunger was a huge problem. I would eat until I was sick. It's mostly a need to taste. Your sense of taste gets intense. My solution was to eat honey! Full of flavor but not filling. Dry mouth was also a huge problem! One thing it does is make you extremely focused on something, whether it's a song or a ...”

  • “It's not a too heavy high in my opinion. However, it's definitely a good strain for working. Unlike most indica-dominant hybrids that keeps me couch-locked like crazy, I love smoking up on this lovely, and then diving deep into work. It keeps me so focused.”

  • “For my body and psyche, Mr. Nice is my perfect mate... I'm not a connoisseur, but I have tried a number of indicas (~12). This one is -- by far -- my favorite. I suffer from destructive anxiety attacks, and also have chronic joint and muscle pain. I am disabled, mostly walking with forearm crutches for short distances. Mr. Nice addresses the anxiety, and the pain, beautifully. I often use my time with this indi...”

  • “ATTENTION ALL Crohn's, and Hypertension patients (real ones not just fake). This is your strain. I have Crohn's and have been looking for a good strain to help the cramps and the infusion nausea. This is it. Buy it. All of it. Go.”

  • “Mr. Nice is nicer than nice, it's f#@king nice. So relaxing, took ally stress and pain away. Good for chilling with your friends or when you don't have much to do. Either way, I say again, it's HIGHly NICE!”

  • “This is a good hybrid to blow on . It gives you a melow ride . Mr.Nice is extra nice to you. It has this sweet, but earthy taste to it . Mr.Nice get the job done . He dont get you dumb high, but makes you feel damn good .”

  • “Smooths me out better than any strain I've tried. It relives my ADHD and anxiety; however, it is simultaneously stimulating and calming. Simply put, I feel great and others enjoy my company. This is what a fine cannabis can do for you. ~JJ”