Mt. Cook Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of my favorite strains since 2010 or so. When my friend grew it,it tasted like watermelon. While the bean I cracked has a more citrus like flavor, I've narrowed the flavor down to Sierra Mist soda :). The effects were the same from both plants; a warm powerful high, I feel in a Zen like state when I smoke it and my body feels like I've got a warm-fluffy blanket wrapped around it. Has been great for pain! My ...”

  • “Great strain for any time of day. I feel put into a Zen like state with a warm comfortable blanket around my body when i smoke the Cook. Easy to grow, forgiving of mistakes, a little better than average on the yield. Very light on a lime citrus flavor or even a bit of watermelon. Nice dense buds, 60-65 days.”

  • “Heavy and potent indica with a crazy pungent smell and taste to it. Puts me to sleep like a champ! And yeah easy to grow!”

  • “Recently smoked this strain in Amsterdam, and it really floored me! A perfect body high mixed with the feeling of having no body at all! Perfect for spacing and having a chill day inside! ^^”