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Mud Bite

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What is Mud Bite?

There is a very little known about Mud Bite. This strain supposedly originated in Ketchikan, Alaska among an enclave of float houses. When the tide receded and the float houses sank, they came to rest on the cold, muddy seafloor, which was referred to as the Mud Bight. This 75% indica-dominant strain is possibility a long lost descendant of Afghani genetics transplanted in Alaska sometime in the early to mid 70’s.    

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“5th generation Ketchikanite and 40 years of puffing... I have yet to meet a strain that could top this amazing dark green, sticky, illegally aromatic Afghani bud! The strain IS REAL, folks, it does exist!! Currently single digit number of growers of original strain left. It held its own in the 70's against Columbian Gold, Panama Red, THE original Thai-Stick, etc... Rare to find, availability very limited so if one i...”


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