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P-51 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I have not had P-91 in a while; however, this was the best back in the day...I use to get a batch with a lot of big fat leaves wrapped around the "pearl-like" calyx inside. This one has a little better trim on it, but still has that lemon oil and redwood smell...and big "pearl-like" calyx Taste is a little fresh and funky...The lemon scent and medicinal/herbal quality come through when sparking up and inhaling. The...”

  • “I'm from poway. class of 2000. this has to be the best buds I've ever tried hands down. we used to throw the nugs at a wall and they would stick. thickest white/yellow smoke created. rumored to have 30%+ THC.”

  • “Great resinous flavor. My first stop for pain relief in my knees and back. Burns slow.”

  • “Amazing flavor and the thing that sets this strain apart is it gives an amazing body high and so relaxing it's like a herbal Valium. I love this strain after work or in the evenings on weekends I mean it's great anytime but it's best when you got nothing else to do so you can lay back and enjoy it.”

  • “Had no discernable taste and made my mouth numb after smoking. It creeped up on me and almost became overwhelming. Lot of poor Examples of this Weed floating round don't give up trying to find some well grown herb.”

  • “Best! Takes over whatever you smoked earlier and takes you on a ride!”

  • “I think my reactions to different strains are like the opposite of most people. This stuff made me feel super scared and overwhelmed. It didn't give me racing thoughts - it just made everything way too overwhelming. Watching TV was too much for me. I had to lay down but couldn't sleep. Not good for my anxiety disorder.”

  • “great taste”