Purple Cotton Candy Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Relaxing Medicine !!! You'll feel relaxed from the 1st hit Most "weed" accelerates "the gas pedal of your body" but only after 2-3 "hits" This strain decelerates and does so instantly ! Highly Recommended for MEDICAL Patients But don't worry that it won't also wake you up a bit I mean let's be honest Your heart will accelerate when smoking any weed It's just a medical scientific fact The cool thing is tha...”

  • “I liked this strain nice chill high reminded me of Purple Rhino when I smoked it. If your looking to feel creative this is definitely a strain for you.”

  • “amazing.... love this strain.”

  • “Having a number of issues due to surviving a gunshot wound to my lower back & the pain of actually not being paralyzed (thus, able to feel it), being able to get to sleep and stay asleep is often an issue. Pills make me feel groggy for hours when I "awaken" and make me feel like a zombie, so those RXs don't work. I tried this strain figuring as a true Indica that it would really be relaxing, and boy was I right! I ...”

  • “Vibrant flower color and heavy indica effect. 👍🏻”

  • “Smells amazing! Really mellow stone. Tastes great, made me want to keep smoking.”

  • “It's great! Mellow active high. Two thumbs up! 👌”

  • “Extremely meditative strain that is really what the doctor ordered.”