Purple Mr. Nice Reviews

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  • MrX

    “Purple Mr. Nice is a wonderful strain for medical users looking for pain relief. Dosages on a bong seems to be: One hit for decent relief witht he ability to still focus and maintain a steady flow of everyday life. Two hits and you will have no pain, but you are giving up the ability to venture off too far. Three hits and you are your morning toast, you are stoned and a smile is forced onto your face by this infamous...”

  • “This strain made me feel soooooo horny. I loved it.”

  • “Fantastic Indica strain. Very unique effect though, it starts as a very intense cerebral and body high, then after a half hour or so you start to become overwhelmed with the body high and develop a nice heavy couch lock. Excellent for pain and nausea, as well as sleep. Doesn't seem to make me terribly sleepy, but definitely eases my entire body into a nice calmness that allows for sleep at almost any point. Overall p...”

  • “I tried some from a dispensary in California and I gotta say it was one of the best purp strains I've ever had. While it eventually put me to sleep like any good purp should, I was enjoying my high for the time being. It got me talking a good bit but I also felt a cerebral & body high.”

  • “Purple Mr. Nice is an amazing strain all around. These beautiful purple and green buds are covered in orange hairs and have a strong diesel smell that will open your sinuses for sure. It gives a euphoric body high and tastes similar to how it smells. I have a spinal chord injury so I find this strain really helpful for my nerve pain. Definitely grab this one if you get the chance!”

  • “Very nice Indica bud perfect for relaxing in the late evenings and putting me to sleep at bedtime. Did a pretty solid job of relieving my arthritis pain too. Classic "purple" smell and taste profile, burns very nicely and tastes good pretty much all the way to ash. Side effects for me include cotton mouth and massive cases of the munchies.”

  • “deff a great smoke to chill out and relax nice looking budz with all purple hues overall very happy JAH”

  • “nice indica with high chance of couch lock.”