Red Eye OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of the stronger indicas I have had in a while. Sot of made a mistake by smoking a joint of it at a concert, got me tired and heavy fast. But it definitely seemed to have some sativa properties as well. Overall a great night time strain!”

  • “🌱🌿 Red Eye O.G. is a decent Indica, but doesn't live up to it's name for the experienced toker. I was left wanting more. It looks amazing and smells like a earthier than citrusy O.G. If you want the euphoria, I would look to another O.G. Red Eye will chill you out and that's about it. Cannabiotix does work, but this is just not my favorite O.G! a-Humulene: 1.238 mg/g, a-Pinene: 1.274 mg/g, Caryophyllene: 1.158 mg/g...”

  • “Good stuff to make music”

  • “The best OG I've had since moving to Las Vegas! Back in Cali I would call this Fine Cannabis A++ Amazing From the moment I opened the jar to the moment it knocked me out. Sticky, potent, dank smelling nuggets! For me it was great for stress, anxiety, and relaxing before bed. Thank you Cannabiotix for the best meds around!”

  • “Nugs were dark green, dense and incredibly spicy. This one is PSYCHEDELIC, and hit me immediately after my first rip. Don't pass this up!!”

  • “THANK GOD!!! Finally something to help with sedative resistant insomnia!! I'm still on my way there but this helped with my husband to cut back on 4 beers a night and we won't even start on how much sleep medication he has to take just to be able to TRY to sleep for 8 hours a night before the sun is up or it's noon! Seriously if you have any sleep disorders at all give this a try please!! I'm hoping that this with so...”

  • “This sampling was produced by ; Cannabiotix Decent light green buds , perfectly dried - red hairs throughout and it's fairly STICKY 😃👍🏼 To begin with - this bud WILL make you Cough 🌬🌬 It's a good evening - night time strain , that should help you relax into a peaceful slumber . Didn't cause me the munchies at all ~~ that's a + 😊👍🏼 Overall , for a heavy user ( medicator) .... it helped with sleep , alt...”

  • “got a gram today and first look it was frosty. hands on it was very sticky and the inhale was a smooth but harsh finish. coughing after exhale. red eyes for sure lol. I recommend giving it a try if its around .”