Sensi Star Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Sensi Star is the most powerful anti-anxiety cannabis I've ever smoked. I suffer from a rare condition that causes me to feel stress at extreme levels that are unbearable (The type of anxiety that is so bad you'd ask for assisted suicide). Smoking Sensi-Star puts me in a state where my anxiety is literally at 0.00/10 for 2 to 3 days after smoking a small sized joint of it. My anxiety can be at 10/10 for weeks in a ro...”

  • “Hits hard, then gets you hard. Make necessary preparations for the subsequent explosive orgasm. Don't attempt to move afterward, lest you sustain serious head injury pursuant to the sudden loss of cabin pressure in your skull. Just lie still...when you regain consciousness, the room should have had sufficient time to right itself.”

  • “It's been my pleasure to taste a beautifully hand crafted grow from Australia in both its first and second budding utilising the Sensei Star strain[1]. As you may recall the first grow elicited an amazing nose of "soft citrus lemon hints" - the taste was "eye-opening earthy sour", finishing with "berry and butter". Naturally, I was a bit worried that the second grow would be a shadow of its first grow, and so I dec...”

  • “dont get me wrong, this is a VERY STRONG hitting fast strain. It totally made me dizzy and anxious due to its hard hitting feeling straight in the head and chest, it hits your lungs hard and boom. Seriously, don't know if i like it, just one proper water filtered hit and it will mess you up, so don't plan on doing any driving for a while after. it is long lasting too, 1-5 hours comedown, good for sleeping and sitting...”

  • “O. PEN Reserve Indica 420 MG: Pure Cannabis Oil; No Fillers, binders, or inorganic materials. Clean and Pure, easy on the lungs! BLAST OFF🚀 Amazing Stress/Pain Relief, verrry relaxing and sweet. In da couch Sleepytime Munchable Medicine!! I keep my Reserve 420 conveniently at bedside and this weeks strain, Sensi Star is Wonderful!!.... Thank you, Marandy of the YHS team for your Fabulous Recommendation!! 💋✌🚀...B...”

  • “Sensi Star is about to make me a convert to indicas its that good. It has a very pleasant piney taste, a slow to start but incredibly strong pain relieving, euphoric, aphrodisiac stone that for me was accompanied by a happy trippy mental fog. It doesn't hit me too hard like some indicas that put me right to sleep- it still is great for sleep but doesn't just knock you on your ass and walk away.”

  • “Migraine pain 4-5; nausea 7 when I medicated round 2100 or so. Takes bout 5 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (a must for me). Body high exactly what I needed. Head high kinda heavy. Don't feel energetic like last time but maybe I am just tired. Woody/nutty taste with sweet undertones. Highly recommend for afterwork/evening use for pain/nausea! :-)”

  • “I so love this strain, It's great for your love life. Need I say anymore? Girls get this for your man.”