Shark Shock Reviews

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  • “This strain listed on here is not accurate. I have grown this strain from a local dispensary here in California. QUICK REVIEW: Sativa dominant hybrid, not Indica. Very powerful recreational psychedelic euphoric & happy high, skunky lemony/pine-sol chemical scent, frosted & covered in trichomes, not recommended for medical use. Not recommended for beginners. FULL REVIEW: Characteristics: Very fast growth, very f...”

  • “I recently picked up some new meds at the dispensary and after trying SHARKSHOCK. For the first time I can definitely say it has given me the desired effect(s) I have been needing. Let me also say that that buds are super nice and has great bag appeal . After a few hits and I could tell this was a keeper. The tension behind my eyes just melted away as well as to neck and shoulders and then.......zzzzz. Oh boy ! Go...”

  • “Long high, very potent. Smoked a bowl from beautiful looking buds. Delivered a very pleasant body high: nice tingly feeling throughout legs and a relaxing but not overpowering heaviness. High is producing very lucid thoughts. I recommend laying on your comfiest piece of furniture and simply listening to your favorite album start to finish. Music sounds phenomenal.”

  • “I inhaled this lovely strain with the aid of my Volcano Vaporizer. Tastes great and smells awesome, gave me a little bit of the pasties but nothing I'm not used to and a cold beer can't handle. I've added a high resolution image of the Shark Shock I had.”

  • “Shark Shock has become one of my new favorite strains. It is a wonderful daytime smoke that helps with my chronic pain but doesn't give me couch lock. It has a very nice and mellow high. It does make me hungry but not hella hungry like other strains. It helps with pain but not as good as other strains but it does come close. After smoking I don't have to take my pain meds as often & it helps to relax me which helps m...”

  • “Vision becomes glowy and turns everything a bit soft, like your vision’s slightly out of focus. Similar to that old film technique to soften women. Pleasurable, smile-inducing cheer that’s somewhat too tempered by a streak of paranoia. The good is plentiful enough to mostly distract from it. Weighty on the head which lends to an extremely drifty headspace. Body is surprisingly normal and capable while head is floatin...”

  • “The shark shock from High Level Health has 20% THC along with 17% CBD making it a very fun high. This strain addresses any complaints you might have as far as muscle tightness and spasms along with pain management. Unlike other CBD strains this strain has a high THC count providing the best of both worlds in one indica dominant puff. Reccomended for anyone using cannabis for medical purposes, or those looking for ...”

  • “The CCF in NJ has a 9% THC CBD strain of this. It helps my Crohn's disease stomach pain while not making me high. I can vaporize a few hits and go to work just fine. Better than taking Percoset's.”