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Spoetnik #1

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What is Spoetnik #1?

Spoetnik #1 by Paradise Seeds (not to be confused with Sputnik) is named for the CCCP satellite sent into space in 1957. While the full genetic cross remains a mystery, this plant exhibits strong Afghani traits, including rich, dark buds that have an earthy aroma intermixed with subtle fruitiness. This plant is tall and resilient, making it ideal for new growers seeking a plant with a larger than average yield.  

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Spoetnik #1 Effects and Attributes

Eye Pressure
Dry Eyes

Spoetnik #1 Flavors

  • 1. Flowery
  • 2. Lavender
  • 3. Rose

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“This strain was created by Paradise Seeds and is nothing like the TGA strain. Both are great and have unique traits. Awesome day time smoke, but the more you toke, the more couch-lock it becomes. Super easy to grow with short flower times and good yield. Overall great and highly recommendable.”

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“I had a hard time finding many reviews on this strain so I was hesitant to buy it. Couldn't be happier - it's priced at a discount where I buy and it'll probably turn into my daily herb. I feel like I can focus nicely and relieves all anxiety, Top 5 for every day, chill out and be able to take on the days task but be pleasantly stoned.”


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