Sunshine Daydream Reviews

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  • “Straight Fire before the first water pipe exhale. She Bitch Slapped my face and left my checks rosey red and forehead sweating. Felt like that first second after waking from one of those good dreams- disoriented,confused, and happy. After Second rip, I knew intoxication was now inevitable, the inhale was of buttered popcorn and sour grapes. It slightly coated mouth as the water i drank afterward tasted buttery. A...”

  • “Sunshine Daydream, what a daydream it is. This is a beautiful Indica that provides excellent repair to the body while at the same time it can help those patients with pain and insomnia so long as enough is taken. Sunshine Daydream provides a nice psychoactive effect without any anxiety, panic or pains. So for those worried about any of those issues while medicating fear not. The flower I smoked out of my bubbler was ...”

  • “I currently have two different phenos of this strain growing,one seems more blueberry influenced or blue moonshine, and the other more on the tres dawg bubba funk, they both are so good and worthy of keepers, and these are the first two ladies from the bodhi pack. definitely a worthy indica for killing aches, pains, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and just about any other ailments, just remember this one will ...”

  • “I've grown this strain twice now. Bodhi is an exceptional breeder, and this strain certainly lives up to that. If you're growing a pack look for the pheno the smells of blueberry muffins. Very very good for nerve pain, and back pain.”

  • “First off, this is a very easy strain to describe. The flavor, smell and medical effects that most people look for are so clear in this creation. This strain is an absolute gift from the green gods. The Bubbashine that Bodhi used in this cross, is 100% hot buttered blueberry muffins and kush with a rich chemmy fruity berry kush terpene signature.. Its always nice when a breeder puts up a description and it is right...”

  • “Just... wow. I bought 1/8 of a gram today, as this strain came highly recommended.. and I can see why! A few hits will leave you feeling pretty nice, so a little goes a long way. Euphoric, happy, and definitely uplifted. Seems really good for pain relief as well. I am so glad that I picked this one up!”

  • “Very relaxed feeling! Very potent smell though so seal it tight, and the high is pretty nice. My only complaint is it makes me paranoid.”

  • “very relaxed feeling, but doesn't bring you down. I could be on this strain all day, and its not that intense, its just or a lil more than enough to keep you happy all day. I can see why they call it sunshine daydream. *♡☆♡*”