Tranquil Elephantizer: Remix Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “got this from yavapai herbal in Prescott and it was fantastic. gave me everything I wanted from an indica and more. if you wanna just relax and have no cares, look no further. will be purchasing this purple piece of heaven again!”

  • “Not my favorite tasting a harsh burn to the back of your throat upon inhale; exhale is slightly less harsh and the remaining taste isn't as bad. Ive tasted better...tasted worse. Buds are frosty with some purple hues and orange hairs. This strain works well to produce relaxing, calming effects. At times it's left me couch locked but not always. I would recommend for anxiety reducing, sleep inducing,...”

  • “Soo this be a hitter!! A bowl will have you drifting and 3 hits will have you yawnin like a mf!! Definitely not a day time smoke. Stay safe y'all lol Oh oh and it taste really good.”

  • “this is a great stomach weed. and just all around free spirited high.”

  • “Great for stomach area issues and overall body relaxation. It really helps with radiation side effects. I got this T.E. from Nirvana in Phx. and the color was amazing; purple and green with plenty of orange and sugar. It has some earthy tones but is a bit hashy. Not harsh but fairly strong. The only reason I didn't give this strain a 5 star is due to the taste. Overall I'd recommend this strain and am very please...”

  • “Method of Consumption: Volcano Vaporizer Pros: Fast acting. Body and pain relief. Calms the mind. Cons: Harsh pull, as someone else mentioned, on the back of the throat. Dry Eyes & Mouth. Overall/Other: Earthy and hash taste with hints of pepper. Some hunger and sleepyness. It's a indica thats good fpr relaxation and pain, but the mild harshness knocks it down a peg. I would recommend this strain if your ok or...”

  • “This strain was absolutely amazing! Definitely my new favorite!”

  • “Real heavy strain great for pain and relaxation. I recommend this to anyone looking for a heavy indica.”